Who is Susan Andrews? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Father, Husband, Kid, Family, Age, Height, etc.

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Susan Andrews, also known as Tucker’s wife, is the spouse of the most famous American celebrity Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson is a well-known TV host on Fox News and a commentator on politics. Tucker’s popularity made his wife famous, and people started referring to Susan Andrews as Tucker’s wife. Susan and Tucker are a dynamic duo and have known each other since childhood. Susan has supported Tuck’s career and has made him the man he is today. Despite Tucker’s success and popularity, Susan has never stolen his spotlight.

Susan Andrews Wiki

Carlson and Andrews have been through many ups and downs in their life. However, they have proven to be made for each other time and time again. Loyalty and trust are the foundation on which their relationship has been built. This has allowed them to withstand many challenges thrown at them in their life.


Unlike her husband, Susan likes to lead a private life. Her career decisions were based on her interests. Apart from this, her work didn’t involve any limelight or popularity. She worked at St. Patrick, fcps (At Your Service Hospitality Management).

Additionally, Susan is also a part of the board of her High School Alumni, St. George’s. While being involved in a professional career, Susan is her husband’s strength, allowing him to reach his goals. She is also an amazing mother of four children, which is a difficult task. However, she has achieved a lot in her life alongside her husband despite the ups and downs.

Susan Andrews Biography

Net worth

Tucker Carlson has a net worth of 30 million dollars. This can also be attributed to his wife and children. Apart from this, Susan Andrews has her own income sources based on her career. It is hard to say at the moment about her income source. She leads a private life, so the income source is not in the database. At the same time, some sources say that Susan Andrews makes a million dollars with her business.

Age & Height

Susan Andrews was born in 1969. Therefore, her current age is 53. She will turn 54 in 2023 on September 4th. Susan Andrews has an above-average height of 5ft 5 inches, roughly around 165 cm. Apart from this, She has a slim body type and spectacular beauty. She has brown hair and green eyes.


Susan Andrews’ father is religious and a reverend. He goes by the name Rev. George E. Susan’s mothers name is yet unknown, but she is often referred to as Mrs. Andrews. Susan’s father is the headmaster of the St. George Boarding School in Rhode Island by occupation.

Some Facts to Know About Susan Andrews


Susan completed her schooling in a boarding school while being away from her family. She has both her parents, while details about her siblings are unknown. Susan was raised in a conservative and religious environment. However, her parents have raised her very well, as seen today with her dazzling personality. Susan got married to Carlson Tucker and has three daughters (Hopie, Dorothy, Lillie) and one son (Buckley). She is an amazing mother and a wife. Susan Andrews loves her family very much and has been through thick and thin with her husband.


Susan Andrews married her High School sweetheart Carlson Tucker. Carlson describes his now wife as the sweetest person he ever saw in the 10th grade. They have been known to be made for each other. They have been married for thirty years and are an example to all married couples. They were married in 1991. After nine years of marriage, a woman named Kimberly had accused Carlson of raping her. The accusations were enough to break the relationship between the husband and wife. However, Susan stood beside her husband, and their relationship became stronger. Later on, Kimberly claimed that the accusations were false and she had a mental illness.

Tucker Carlson

Susan andrews tucker carlson wife

Education & Hobbies

Susan completed her High School at St. George’s and her now-husband Carlson Tucker. St. George is a boarding school, and the school’s headmaster is her father. Apart from this, Susan completed her Higher Education in a regional college and has lived her best life. Her college degree pertains to business and hospitality, as projected in her career.

Susan Andrews

Susan Andrews loves cooking and spending time with her family. She is religious and loves her work. Susan loves raising her kids. Additionally, she doesn’t have a social media handle. Susan’s high school life details are unknown, and the clubs she participated in. However, rumors have it that Susan has a great voice and loves singing.


The Carlsons were a victim of a break-in attack in 2018. Susan was in the kitchen when she heard a pounding on the front door. The front door almost broke. This was an act of warning and not a protest where they wanted him to leave the neighborhood where he lived. The Carlsons were safe; however, it made a mental remark about the incident, especially since his wife witnessed it.

Susan Andrews Wiki, Bio Facts


  • Susan completed her high school in a boarding school.
  • She is a businesswoman.
  • She has been married to Carlson Tucker for over three decades.
  • She has three daughters and one son.
  • Her father is a reverend and headmaster at St. George’s.
  • She is a strong supporter of her husband.
  • She has an above-average height.
  • Her sexual orientation is straight.


  1. How long have Carlson Tucker and Susan Andrews been married?

    Susan and Carlson have been married to each for three decades.

  2. How many kids does Susan have?

    Susan has three daughters and one son.

  3. How old is Susan Andrews in 2022?

    Susan Andrews is 53 years old and healthy.

  4. Did Susan Andrews marry her High School sweetheart?

    Yes, Susan married her High School sweetheart and has lived an amazing marriage life with him.

  5. Does Susan support her husband’s career?

    Yes, time and again, Susan has proved that she has been quite supportive of her husband’s career.

  6. Is Susan Andrews a St. George’s School board member?

    Yes, she is a board member of the school.

  7. In which year did Carlson Tucker and Susan Andrews get married?

    Susan Andrews and Carlson Tucker got married in 1991.

  8. Does Susan Andrews come from a white ethnic background?

    Yes, Susan Andrews comes from a white ethnic background.

  9. What is Susan Andrews’s star sign?

    Susan Andrews’s star sign is Virgo, as she was born on September 4th.

  10. What is Susan Andrews’s sexual orientation?

    Susan Andrews identified herself as a straight woman.


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