Top 10 LGBTQ Movies of All Time

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This pride month, let’s embrace the struggle the LGBTQ community has expressed throughout the years. The best of the works done by some of the actors express the community’s struggle and depict the opinions and how love has prevailed, from exploration of themselves to come out.

We have mentioned some of the best LGBTQ movies to watch for this pride moment to embrace love and the community’s people. Here we have a list of some of the best movies to watch this Pride Month and Celebrate Love in All.

Top 10 LGBTQ movies of all time


A Fantastic Women

Marina is a hostess by day and a club performer by night in Santiago, Chile; she and her boyfriend, Orlando, are preparing for a wonderful, lengthy vacation. Then her beloved sadly passed away, and Marina finds herself fighting Orlando’s family and Chile’s hostile attitude regarding trans women — for the opportunity to mourn and appropriately say goodbye.

Best lgbtq movies

Sebastian Lelio’s Oscar-winning melodrama, rooted in incredibly beautiful effectiveness from transgender performer Daniela Vega, subject matters its heroine to a slew of stigmatization and social embarrassments; everyone from the police officers to her boyfriend’s ex-wife dying her debases her and brings into question her right to prevail at all.

Boys Don’t cry

Director Kimberly Peirce taught us what transgender meant long first before the rest of the world did with this heartbreaking depiction of the true tragedy of Brandon Teena, a trans man who was murdered and raped in tiny Nebraska when people learned about his sexual identity.

Top 10 lgbt movies

While some have partly questioned the selection of a cisgender entertainer, Hilary Swank’s extremely empathetic depiction (about which she earned her first Academy Award) has served to bring the trans experience to a broader audience.

Early in the film, one of Brandon’s friends yells at him, “Why wouldn’t you say you’re a dyke?” “I’m not,” Brandon says, a look of real bewilderment on his face. “I’m a boy.”

The boys in the band

When William Friedkin’s adaptation of Mart Crowley’s successful 1968 off-Broadway play was released within a year of the Stonewall riots, it felt a touch old (the blatant stereotyping and concentration on self-loathing didn’t help). The movie follows eight buddies (and one hustler) who had assembled in a New York City house to attend a birthday celebration. It remains one of the earliest candid representations of openly gay and bisexual males.

Cute lgbtq movies

Following that, there’s a lot of sleeping, some music, and a lot of pulling each other apart. You’ll still squirm at lines like “show me a happy homosexual, and I’ll show you a gay corpse.”

Angels in America

Tony Kushner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, set during the Reagan era’s growing AIDS pandemic, was translated for the cinema by director Mike Nichols in a modular, six-hour extravaganza for HBO.

Mary-Louise Parker as an Addicted housewife, married to a closeted Mormon, and Meryl Streep in four characters, including the spirit of Ethel Rosenberg. And Emma Thompson as an authoritative (and occasionally feisty) angel.

Angels in America

The art transported us to a period when AIDS was labelled a “gay pandemic.” Yet its ideas about rampant corruption, bigotry’s devastation, faith’s pleasures and restrictions, and the human potential, including love and deceptions, are timeless.

Brokeback Mountain

In Wyoming, in approximately 1963, two cowboys, the stern Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) and the somewhat more outgoing Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) are recruited to look after a rancher’s flock of sheep.

Good representation of lgbt in film

On the plains, the two men find intimacy and continue a romantic affair for decades, although married. However, their inability to work together causes a breach between them, leading to tragedy.

In 2005, it was still considered a poor career move for a movie actor to portray a gay part. Hollywood’s track record of treating homosexual relationships with the same depth as heterosexual romances were less than brilliant.


Director Todd Haynes’ rendition of a Patricia Highsmith novel revolves around two women, emotionally distant diva Carol (Cate Blanchett) and the branch salesgirl Therese (Rooney Mara), with whom she pursues an affair who are so caged in by 1950s convention that you can almost see the boxes that enclose them.

Romantic lgbtq+ movies

That implies you can sense their daring in their veiled flirtation’s electrifying memories: a gaze that lasts a moment too long, a smirk that battles its way over their features.

A great way to kick road trip allows them to explore their desires in the seclusion of hotel rooms until Carol is forced back into the closet by a brutal custody fight.

Call me by your name

Till Luca Guadinigno’s magnificent rendition of André Aciman’s novel, major film viewers have never had an enjoyable time understanding romantic scenes between two guys. Set in the beautiful hills and charmingly crowded corridors of a house in Northern Italy in 1983, the film follows 17-year-old Elio (Timothée Chalamet), charmed by struggling young Oliver (Armie Hammer) Greek-god-like doctoral student accompanying the teen’s teacher father for the summertime.

New lgbt movies

Their flirtations are lighthearted and teasing, and their ultimate union is happy. The relationship swept audiences and critics away, making the picture an academy awards juggernaut and establishing Chalamet as a genuine star for his performances, full of youthful charm and visceral intensity.

Desert Heart

For decades, lesbian stories in the movies tended to end in sorrow, something not reflecting Hollywood’s position on same-sex relationships. But then came Donna Deitch’s novel about an English professor (Helen Shaver) that travels to Reno to qualify for a speedy divorce and falls in love with a young woman (Patricia Charbonneau) who sweeps into her life like a hot Nevada breeze.

Top 10 lgbtq movies

Deitch’s picture is a dark, romantic classic that broke significant barriers while barely breaking a sweat. Intimate and discreetly realized, Deitch’s movie is a moody, emotional masterwork that broke key impediments while barely breaking a sweat.

God’s Own Country

Francis Lee’s debut film, set on the rough, windy moors of Yorkshire, follows Johnny (Josh O’Connor), a young gay guy trapped on his family’s property, with Gheorghe (Alec Secareanu), a young Romanian migrant labourer who comes to assist out throughout lamb-birthing period.

Movies to watch during pride month

The film progressively tears down the barriers that Brexit-era alpha-male culture has created around Johnny’s heart as their mutual passion turns into something more. The picture was hailed as England’s response to Brokeback Mountain, partly because of Lee’s own childhood experiences when it first came out.

Besides the repressed boys grazing sheep, God’s Own Country is a film in its own right, one that attempts to anticipate a true future because of its primary pair.

Happy Together

Leslie Cheung’s head resting on his partner Tony Leung’s shoulders in the hallmark shot of Wong Kar-hazy, Wai’s seductive love story, as the last glances at his beloved with a mixture of concern and hesitancy immediately give you a feel of this couple’s chemistry. They can’t survive without each other, can’t live with each other, but neither of these can withstand something that is about to turn fatal. So these two guys decide to move out of Hong Kong to somewhere far away like Buenos Aires to offer their love a final shot in the arm, only to discover that a change of environment won’t be enough to save their fraying romance.

What should I watch LGBT?

And although Hong Kong censors intended to eliminate the sex scene that starts the movie, they wound up letting his image of ecstasy before the final split stay unchanged. It’s a one-of-a-kind, a heartbreaking glimpse at amour fou, and the Turtles’ title song couldn’t be more sarcastic.

These are a few of the recommendations we would give you. The movies, as mentioned above, are classics and have made people understand it is not wrong to feel loved by people of the same sex and have a romantic relationship. In the Honor of Pride Month and celebrating the LGBTQ Community, the movies mentioned earlier are just a few of the best movies released.


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