Top 10 Vintage Cars of the World

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The Love for Vintage Cars

We have often heard about the love for classic beauties and vintage cars. However, it is not just the age that defines a vintage car. The collectors know that vintage cars are the fastest cars of their time, and owning one such beauty adds value to your collection. The love for celebrity vintage cars is well-known. But there are a few key distinctions between vintage and classic cars.

What defines a Vintage Car?

A lot of celebrities own vintage, antique, and classic cars, but they all differ on the basis of Age, Price, and Historic Status.

A Vintage Car is the one that is manufactured between 1919 and 1930. These vintage beauties are generally restored versions according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The license plates differ according to the historical status and help you classify the vehicle as vintage, classic, or antique. In addition, vintage cars get adorned with special Vintage Vehicle Plates.

The price is indicative of the demand for the car. The sale price is dependent on the model, condition, make, mileage, quality, desirability, and restoration quality.

A lot of celebrity vintage cars fall under the “Vintage,” “Classic,” and “Antique” categories and can be further classified as street rods and Resto-models. The Street Rods are the modified version of cars manufactured before 1949, and the Resto-Mods are cars upgraded per the original specifications.

Types of Vintage Cars

Vintage cars were manufactured between 1919 and 1930. They symbolize pride and status, as not many can be seen on the roads. You can’t buy a vintage car by walking in a car dealer’s showroom. These cars are quite highly-priced and hard to find. However, they are part of great restoration projects and car shows.

The most famous vintage cars are the 1924 Aston Martin Grand Prix, the 1919 Ford Model T Sedan, 1925 Flint Model E-55, 1921 Hudson Super Six Phaeton, and the 1930 Cadillac V-16. Speak to any vintage car enthusiast, and they can help you list down the top 10 vintage cars of all times. The most famous vintage cars in the world are:


Jaguar E-Type

Best vintage cars

It is one of the most beautiful cars ever made. The Jaguar E-type has been the winner of Le Mans three times from 1955 to 1957. It illustrates what Jaguar-a British car manufacturer, was capable of doing back then. It was termed a Sixties chic and was faster than a Ferrari, priced reasonably lower. Jaguar was coined as the ultimate sports car. The E-Type stayed in production till the late 70s and was constantly revamped for interiors without affecting the elegance. The machine is one of the best British cars of those times.

Porsche 911

Top 10 classic cars to collect

The next in line is the beauty: the Porsche 911. It was launched after the Porsche 356 in 1963. The car was bigger and more powerful than the earlier versions. It was initially called the 901. However, since Peugeot claimed to have the right to name a car with three digits where the second digit has to be zero, Porsche named it the 911.

It came with a 2.0 engine, and the car was air-cooled with 130 bhp strength. Though it could not compete with today’s fast beasts, the 911 had almost double the power of the Porsche 356.

Land Rover

Vintage cars names

These beauties are known as ‘the most amazing 4×4s by far’. Land Rover has inspired everyone across the world with its unique designs. It started with the 80″ Series I in 1948. The company has grown ever since and has been a keen investor in the engineering front to retain the tagline of ‘goes anywhere, does anything. Maurice Wilks created a new genre of cars that was way ahead of its time. Land Rover was a strong car of those times and made history with its constant innovations.

Volkswagen Beetle

Types of antique cars

Volkswagen Beetle was termed the people’s car. The Volkswagen Type 1 began as a low-priced four-seater that people of Germany could afford easily. Today, after eight decades, Volkswagen still enjoys a great fan base. The Beetle’s success lies in its simplicity. It was made of less than 200 moving parts that came with an air-cooled engine. The unmistakable looks made it an obvious choice for the people.

Citroen Ds

What is the most popular old car

The French Goddess: Citroen DS was the next launch after Traction Avant. The model was way ahead of its time and came with minimal interior and sci-fi styling. Citroen came with some quirky and stylish looks. The doors did not have any window frames, and the brake lights at the back were a pleasant sight for the motorists. It had great visibility and had a hydraulic independent suspension for some amazing comfort. It was unveiled at the 1955 Paris Motor Show and got 743 orders within a day.

Mini Cool Britannia

Best classic cars under 10k

Mini is another all-time classic car. The Mini appeals to every celebrity, right from Mr. Bean to George Harrison. The car is truly iconic. It was the most popular from the ’60s to the ’80s and defined a new romantic style. Even though it was a small car, the interiors were well-planned. It had a transverse engine drive and was very convenient to drive. Its antecedents have been the Cooper S and the Mini Cooper. The car won the Monte Carlo Rally three times from 1964 to 1967.

Mercedes 300SL

Which is the best vintage car in the world

The Mercedes 300SL can be termed as one of the first supercars. The 300SL was a race car. The American importer of Mercedes-Benz: Maxi Hoffman, brought it to production. The Gullwing model was launched in 1954 at the New York International Motor Show. It received a lot of appreciation as it was one of the best-designed racing cars, having a graceful body and amazing aerodynamics.

Ford Model T

The Ford Model T is Henry Ford’s affordable car for the common person. It was initially priced at just $850 for the public. Later the price dropped below $300 in 1925. The price cut made it the most favorite choice of the common person in the United States. Ford led its way to world domination.

Best classic cars under 20k

Ferrari 250 GTO

The Ferrari 250 GTO needs no introduction. It was the most expensive car sold at an auction back in 2014. There were just 36 cars made, and they all still exist. The cars had improved aerodynamic efficiency and a robust engine that was moved back and kept low. The GTO had an appealing appearance and was aesthetically pleasing. The collectors believe it to be one of the best Ferraris ever made.

Who owns the most vintage cars in the world

Aston Martin DB5

The choice of James Bond has to be an Aston Martin DB5. The British car is a member of the DB4 series used in the 007 films. The beast came with a 4.0 liter, 6-cylinder engine with a speed of up to 145 mph. The magnesium alloy body with British engineering and Italian styling made it a must-have beauty.

Top 10 Classics Cars Of All Time


Every collector has an eye for the Vintage cars. People wish to own these possessions and drive them with passion proudly. Celebrities are on a constant lookout for these beauties to boost their lifestyle. Rare vintage cars are eye-catching and have been their favorite cars. The love for an Aston Martin or a Porsche is not hidden, and these cars will continue to hold a prime position in the collection.


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