Top 10 Vintage Cars Owned By Celebrities

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Celebrities and their Vintage Cars:
Celebrities earn millions and have tons of cash to upgrade their lifestyle. While some celebrities spend the bucks on houses, others love to invest in a collection of vintage cars. Of course, they can’t take them out every day, but these classics are not to be kept in the garage. Instead, some take them out to run around the town on a lazy Sunday.

While we may know the names of some famous car collectors like Jay Leno, there are a lot of other celebrities who have joined the list and love to drive around vintage cars. Who would not love to flaunt the restored vehicle and be a part of the rich history? These ten stars love their cars and drive them around regularly:


Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. is the most looked forward celebrity actor well-known for his work with the Marvel series and his character of Iron Man. The man rewarded himself by purchasing a few classic and vintage cars. He has invested a lot of money in his cars post the portrayal of Iron Man. One of the best ones in his collection is the 1965 Corvette Stingray.

Best celebrity car collections

Robert also owns a classic 1970s Mustang, an Audi R7 and R8, a 1970s Mercedes-Benz, and many more. Robert Downey Jr. is all set to include a GTI in his rich collection very soon.

George Clooney

George Clooney’s love for cars is not hidden. But his favorite one is an inherited piece. A 1958 model Chevrolet Corvette V8 convertible was purchased by his father, Nick Clooney. The cherry-red beauty is his most beloved car as it is a gift from his father. Clooney owns many other vintage cars like a Porsche Carrera and a Tango 600 but wants to keep adding more to his collection. He also loves motorcycles.

hollywood celebrities car collection

David Letterman

Collecting and racing vintage cars are what David Letterman does after his retirement. His is his favorite pastime. In fact, he owns some of the most amazing vehicles in the history of automobiles. His collection includes eight Ferraris, three Austin Healeys, six Porsches, and many more. The rich collection also includes a 1955 Jaguar XK140. The car costs around $130,000, and his collection is worth approx. $2.6 million.

Celebrities who drive old cars

Ralph Lauren

We all know about the world-famous designer. He has a passion for cars, and the lucrative career has allowed him to fulfill his desires. Lauren boasts of a great collection of cars, including vintage, sports, super, luxury, classic, and many more. One of the best cars is a 1950 Jaguar XK120 Roadster. He has a total of five Jaguars in his collection but has got a custom paint job done on this one. He calls it a “British Racing Green with a twist.”

What is the most popular vintage car

Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé is well-known to live a luxurious life. She’s blessed to have the best of the best. She is building a vintage and classic car collection that includes a 1959 model Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud Convertible. Her husband, Jay-Z, presented the car on her 25th birthday. Jay-Z, too, has a huge collection of cars worth $15 million. Her Rolls-Royce is worth over $1 million.

Which celebrity has the most expensive car collection?

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey is known to drive family cars like the Lincoln MKX and the GMC Yukon XL. McConaughey also loves the speed demons and owns a 1981 Camaro Z28. He earlier owned a 1971 Corvette Stingray, which he sold in 2006 and donated the proceeds to Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network.

Celebrities car collection

Eric Bana

Eric Bana loves driving fast cars. The Australian superstar has a passion for racing cars. He owns a 1974 Ford Falcon XB known as “The Beast.” Eric Bana loves the vehicle so much that he made Love the Beast: a documentary about his love with the car.

Hollywood celebrities car collection

Jay Leno

Jay Leno adores collecting cars. He is a celeb who, in particular, is in love with classic and vintage cars. The former Tonight Show host has a collection worth over $50 million. He loves to drive them regularly.

Some of the best ones in the collection are the 1967 Chevy C10 and the 1955 Buick Roadmaster. He also owns a 1909 Baker Electric. He claims it to be of great quality and maintenance-free.

celebrities cars 2022

Jerry Seinfeld

Another celebrity, Jerry Seinfeld is well-known for the amazing car collection. He boasts about his vintage cars on the show: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. After displaying his craze for these cars, he has become the talk of the town. Jerry Seinfeld has a huge collection, and a few cars stand out from the rest.

The most loved is the 1959 Porsche 718 RSK. The car is the 19th one made by the manufacturer and was designed to show that cars with a small engine can also punch a lot.

Jerry Seinfeld 1959 Porsche 718 RSK

Kate Moss

We all know Kate Moss as one of the most popular and beautiful models globally. Kate Moss drives around in a 1964 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Though the style is certainly outdated, the car is liked by classic car collectors. She loves to flaunt the car and wants to add more to her collection.

Kate Moss Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Love for Cars

We have often heard terms like classic beauties and antique cars. However, there’s not just age that defines a classic or a vintage car. The collectors need to know the differences between the cars. Unfortunately, the owners are often confused about the distinctions between classic and vintage cars.

Key Differences between Classic and Vintage Cars

A lot of celebrities love to buy antique, vintage, and classic cars but may not understand the difference between these models. Therefore, it is important to understand the differentiating factors as classic, vintage, and antique cars differ on the basis of Price, Age, and Historic Status.

The first differentiator is the vehicle’s age. Classic and vintage cars vary in age. The overall condition of the vehicle also determines its value. Older cars need more care to maintain them in good condition.

A Vintage Car is typically manufactured between the years 1919 and 1930. The available vehicles are generally restored versions as per the manufacturer’s specifications. The historical status of the car will also impact its classification.

Different license plates will recognize and classify the cars as classic, vintage, or antique vehicles. Depending on the car’s classification, you may get a special Vintage Vehicle Plate, Classic Car Plate, Custom Collector Vehicle Plate, or an Antique Plate.

The price of the car is also impacted as per its classification. It indicates how desirable the vehicle is. The sale price depends on the make, model, desirability, quality, condition, mileage, and restoration quality.

A lot of collector vehicles fall under the “Classic,” “Vintage,” and “Antique” category, but two more qualifications include street rods and resto-mods.

The Street Rods were manufactured before 1949 and are a modified version compared to the original manufacturer specifications. The Resto-Mods are Classic Cars that are upgraded to the original specifications. These may integrate modern drivability, safety, and performance features.

Types of Vintage Cars

Vintage cars are vehicles manufactured between 1919 and 1930. They symbolize status and pride and are not seen much on the roads. You won’t be able to buy a vintage car from a regular car dealer. Vintage cars are hard to find and are quite highly-priced.

However, they are like a status symbol that makes a great presence in car shows and restoration projects.

The most popular vintage vehicles are the 1919 Ford Model T Sedan, 1921 Hudson Super Six Phaeton, 1925 Flint Model E-55, 1924 Aston Martin Grand Prix, and the 1930 Cadillac V-16.


Vintage cars have fans all over the world. People have a passion to own and drive these cars. The cars are particularly famous amongst the celebrities who seem to be on a constant lookout for something unique to give a boost to their lifestyle. Eye-catching and rare vintage cars have always been their favorite rides. The love for a Porsche or Aston Martin is not hidden, and they continue to add these rare cars to the collection.


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