Top 5 Amazon Prime Hit releases this year.

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Amazon Prime has become one of the leading OTT platforms, with so many new and old shows. Amazon Prime has it all; whether you want to see comedy, dark thriller, sci-fi, or rom-com are just a few of the genres, to name many.

Whether you are looking for romantic movies to watch or for some crime thrillers, Amazon has the best movies and shows. It also provides you with presentations and films which have been nominated for The Oscars. In this article, we have mentioned a few of the top Hits released by Amazon Prime in 2022.

Top Five Movies released by Amazon Prime.


One Night In Miami

the movie was released in the year 2021 and was directed by Regina King. The film starred Kingsley Ben Adir, Eli Goree, Aldis Hodge, and Leslie Odom Jr. The movie, by the title, may seem delightful.

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The movie goes back to the year 1965, and during the Civil Right Movement, four black men, Cassius Clay, Sam Cooke, Malcolm X, and Jim Brown, discuss how they should become successful. The movie is witty, thoroughly entertaining, and exuberant, which talks about conservation that touches on subjects like Black American Identity and American Identity and their interactions.

Raging Bull

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Released in 1980, Raging bull is one class of movie. The movie is inspired by the biography of the boxer Jake LaMotta. The film was a directional sensation, and the way Martin Scorsese created and cast the actors portrayed the character very well.

The movie talks about Jake LaMotta and how he communicates his need for love through violence and anger. The film highlights the fight scene, reflecting not only his anger but also his state of mind and what he mentally felt. The movie is indeed a directorial masterpiece.

The Silence of the Lamb

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Released in the year 1991, and directed by Jonathan Demme, the movie The Silence of the lamb stars the top student of the FBI academy Clarice Starling who is asked to interview a serial killer who also was a psychopath and a psychiatrist and cannibal, Clarice wanted his insights regarding another serial killer who would kill women and would remove their skin.

The movie talks about toxic masculinity and the fear of violence among women. The film is full of twists and has received immense love from the audience.

Train To Busan

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This 2016 movie starring Gong Yoo and Ma Dong-Sook, Kim Suan, and Choi Woo Shik is a South Korean horror Film released in 2016. The movie starts when Gong Yoo and his daughter Kim Suan are on the train where they plan to reach Busan to see his wife.

The virus outbreak in Seoul makes everything worse, and Gong Yoo and Kim Suan try to make it out alive and survive on the train. The FX are top-notch and may contain some gruesome scenes with a little empathetic moment.

Manchester by The Sea.

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The movie was directed by Kenneth Lonergan and was released in 2016. Lee Chandler is shocked by the news of his brother passing away and him being the guardian of his only nephew Patrick. After quitting his job as a janitor, Lee moves to Manchester by Sea, a village where his family has lived for generations.

This is where he reunites with his ex-wife Randi who had separated from him and knew how he was raised and brought up. The movie is very heartwarming and romantic.

These are just a few trending movies we have mentioned in our list. Amazon prime releases a lot of series too. The current Trending Tv series on Amazon Prime are listed below:


What is the current best movie on Amazon Prime

The Series is adapted from the play a Young Woman trying to deal with life in London after making terms with a recent tragedy. The series started in 2016 and continues.

Mozart in the Jungle

What new movies are playing on Amazon Prime

This is not only well written, but it is a phenomenal drama. The drama keeps you hooked and tends towards slightly awkward comedy.


Are there any good series on Amazon Prime

The series begins with a boy’s desire to get back his dad’s old sports car, for which he sets his journey on a bike with his no shit taking neighbor, who he also has a crush on.


Does Amazon Prime have 1883

if you are interested in sci-fi, this series is for you, where the two parallel earth exists and the question of what if our choices are different.


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