Top 7 Fashion Trends Among Teens in the US for 2022

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Fashion is a dynamic, constantly evolving world. Fashion is a way to express itself and an expression too. People change fashion trends, and trends change people’s fashion purchases, and this loop is a vicious, never-ending one. So how do you keep up with the trends? How do you know what’s the latest fashion game that everyone is talking about, and more importantly, how can you adopt these trends while ensuring that your personal style is not neglected completely? Well, answers to all these questions can be found in this guide as we list down the top 7 fashion trends that teens, in particular, are hopping on in 2022. Let’s get started!

First of all, why do we need to address this?
Believe it or not, teens can pretty much make or break fashion trends. After all, the curiosity to try something new is something that usually comes from teens, and fashion is no exception to this tendency. Teens also happen to be avid shoppers as a result of wanting a new wardrobe every few months.

In this way, not only do they shape trends, but they also play an active role in influencing the launch of new collections by various brands. Therefore, the trending fashion choices among teens majorly affect the entire fashion industry in some way or the other.

Should one really hop on to fashion trends?
Well, trends are all fun and games until they turn into fast fashion because it is something that costs the environment. When trends keep changing rapidly, and people keep hopping from one to another too quickly, there is a large amount of clothing that becomes wasted very soon. This results in excessive production and wastage, affecting the environment.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that trends are bad. Fast fashion is bad. As long as you move to trends without creating a major wastage, trends are always fun!

That being said, let’s look at some of the best ones!

Here are the top 7 fashion trends among teens in the US for 2022:


Biker shorts

Teen Fashion Trends 2022

For the longest time, biking shorts were worn only while biking, but American teens have now brought them into the everyday closet of most people. Biker shorts in multiple colours, be it pastel shades, bright and bold colours or perhaps even neon colours, are worn by celebrities, influencers and regular people as well. The reason? Pretty simple- comfort! For the new age teens, comfort comes before all else, and biker shorts offer just that.

Besides, they can be easily styled with an oversized t-shirt, hoodie, shirt, and some amazing sneakers. Throw on a pair of goggles, and just like that, you have the most comfortable yet stylish look for the day!

Cargo pants

13 year old fashion trends 2022

Cargo pants, once known as utility pants, are back in style, and we’re all here for it! Be it baggy, straight fit cargo or slim fit ones, they are all very much in demand among American teens. Once again, these are extremely comfortable and yet look super appealing. Attach a silver or gold chain to it, and spice your cargo in just a minute! Usually, these are styled with baggy, oversized t-shirts or perhaps body-hugging tank tops or crop tops.

Abstract prints

Teenage fashion trends

Teens in 2022 and very artistically driven. They enjoy being in their element and interpreting things their way, and fashion is no exception. Today, designers are collaborating with artists for abstract designs on their collections only to make them seem more appealing and desirable for the teens. The abstract element in these clothes could be in the likes of its shape, print, or even colour, for that matter. But mostly, it is the print that catches the eye and makes the clothing more memorable and unique.

Puffer jackets

12 year old fashion trends 2022

Puffer jackets have been around for quite a few years, and they have not left us even in 2022. In fact, teens in the USA enjoy styling it irrespective of the season and weather. Puffer jackets are seen on multiple celebrities, and the aspiration to dress like them has led teens to stock puffer jackets in their closets. These jackets, again, are warm, comfortable and pretty much everything one would want in a jacket. In addition to that, just putting on a puffer jacket can turn even the most basic outfit into a striking one, and that is the very reason behind its popularity among teens.

Wide trousers

Teenage fashion trends 2020

Earlier, trousers were worn only when they fit properly, but today, things have changed. Oversized, long, wide and straight trousers are more in style today than ever before. These trousers make the outfit seem super fancy without even having to do much.

Just throw on a basic t-shirt on top of it, put on some matching kicks, hang a beige coloured tote bag, and you’re ready to go! Wide trousers have definitely been one of the biggest fashion trends not just among the teens in the US but all across the globe. International brands like h&m, mango, Zara, Mark and Spencer, etc., are producing a wide variety of trousers, and the best part is that most of the products are usually sold out!


What are the fashion trends for summer 2022

Another massive fashion trend that you may have noticed among the teens of the USA in 2022 is crochet clothing. Tank tops, crop tops, t-shirts, bags, sandals, accessories, skirts; pretty much everything can be made in the space of crochet. The choice of colours is huge, and prints can be made through colours themselves. However, crochet clothing is quite expensive. The reason behind this is that it needs to be hand-woven in most cases, and it is not as easy as simply printing a print on a piece of clothing. There is a great deal of effort, time and money being put into creating these fashion pieces, which is why they are priced more. However, despite the right range that they come at, crochet clothes are loved by all and sell just as much as regular clothes.

Baguette bags

Baguette bags

In the case of women, baguette bags are seen everywhere! 8 out of 10 girls in America will definitely own at least one baguette bag. These are small, horizontal and have a small-sized handle. They are small enough to look cute and stylish, yet big enough to carry essentials like a phone, wallet, keys, etc.

Baguette bags can be found in almost any and every colour, and as the trend took over, we now find countless prints also on them. These baguette bags go well with all kinds of outfits, be it baggy pants and oversized t-shirts or a pencil skirt and halter neck top. The versatility that baguette bags bring is what has kept them in fashion for so long!

Well, these were the top 7 trends. In addition to these, there are two more concepts that have taken over in 2022 among teens in the US when it comes to fashion. Let’s discuss!

Other Trends

Sustainable fashion

Teens, more than any other group, care about the environment, social and ethical systems, and more. This is why sustainability has become one of the biggest priorities among teens when buying anything, especially in the case of fashion. Sustainable fashion is one of the best trends that have ever come in the history of fashion, considering the good cause that it supports and the public good that it encourages.

Today, clothes that are sustainable in terms of the way they are sourced, the way they are disposed of, and the way they are developed are most in trend.

Unisex fashion

Teens are usually forward-thinking, and to them, concepts like gender and sex hold great value, which is something to be proud of. Teens truly believe that clothing should be gender-neutral and not be divided based on sex. This is why unisex clothing, or rather, gender-neutral clothing, is yet another one of the biggest trends, and most brands are trying to keep up with it. This unisex fashion is seen in the case of accessories, bags, and even clothing, and it is coming out to be one of the greatest hits!


In a nutshell, it is fair to say that while fashion defines us, teens define fashion the way they want to. And to have that kind of power is extraordinary. Right from biker pants to baguette bags, from sustainable and environmental clothing to unisex and gender-neutral fashion, teens are truly shaping the world of fashion in a way that was never done before. And the future definitely holds many more exciting things in store for us. Only time will tell what comes next.


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