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Tose Page is the elder sibling of the British Actor Rege Jean Page. Rege Jean Page gained prominence through the Netflix Series Bridgerton and his role as the Duke. Page has been very private about his life, and he stays away from the media. Let’s learn a bit more about Tose Page.

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When it comes to Tose Pages, hardly any information is available, but he was brought into the limelight through his brother Rege Jean Page. Rege Jean Page is a British actor who started his career in 2001. He was a part of the theater production crew of the History boys.

Before he gained fame, Rege Jean Page was a part of the Shondaland production house, which produced the drama For the People; Rege was one of the lead cast in the theater.

In 2019, his breakthrough came through the drama Bridgerton, which Shondaland again produced, and his role as the Duke gained him not only recognition in the public eye but also many things. He was awarded the Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series by NAACP.

Apart from this, his role in The Gray Man, released in 2022, has gained mixed views from the people. 2023 is a year of good news for Rege Jean Fans; he is part of the Drama Dungeons and Dragons, and he is also a part of an Untitled drama series released by Netflix.

Page and his brother Rege Jean Page have been spending their lives together since childhood, and both of them were very fond of music in their early teens and teenage years. That Page is said to be a songwriter and music producer.

He and his brother both are a part of Tunya Music. Both brothers have been working independently in their careers and writing songs. One of the songs that feature both of them is Don’t Wait. This song did reasonably well and surprised many fans about Rege Jean Page’s musical talent.

Net worth

Tose Page’s Net worth is unknown, but working as a musician and music producer, we estimate him to have a Net worth of around 500,000 dollars. Most of his income comes through acting. While his brother Rege Jean Page, a British actor known for his role in the Drama Bridgerton, has an estimated net worth of 1.5million dollars. Even so, we do not have many financial tabs on any of the brothers.


Tose Page is the elder brother of Regererai Jean Page, who also goes by the name Rege Jean Page. Tose and His brother have a loving relationship and much in common. Tose gained fame through his brother, who was a part of the Netflix series Bridgerton and played The Duke’s role.

Apart from this, Rege Jean Page has many upcoming dramas he is a part of. Rege and Tose both have their musical careers too. They work as songwriters and producers in Tunya Music, and both brothers have released their song Don’t Wait together.

Preferred Pronouns, if any: When it comes to any Personal Information about Tose, Not much is known, and so is true about his pronouns. We assume his pronouns to be he/him.


Tose Jean was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. He is said to be the eldest and the second child among the four siblings of Rege Jean Page. Jean is said to be born in 1988 and is said to be 34 years old.


The Physical Features of Tose’s Page are unknown, and it’s uncertain to say anything about his size.


Rege Jean Page and Tose Page were born in Harare, Zimbabwe. They have two more siblings. Their mother was a nurse, while their father was a teacher. Both of them then moved to London to gain and complete their education. Apart from this, nothing much is known.


Tose Pages have maintained his life away from the eyes of the media. He has been living a happy life. We are still determining whether he is in a relationship or married, as this is unavailable on the internet. We hope Tose is happy and healthy.


When it comes to Tose Pages Education, we do not have much information, so everything is gray regarding his personal life.


No Information is available.


  • That Page is the elder Brother of Rege Jean Page.
  • He and his brother have been a part of music bands through their teens.
  • Tose and Rege have released their song named Don’t Wait.


Who is Tose Page?
That Page is related to Rege Jean Page. He is Rege Jean Page’s biological brother.

Where was Tose born?
Jean was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, and then they shifted to London.


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