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Vijaya Gadde was born in India to a family with the Telugu language. Her father was a chemical engineer, and they later emigrated to the United States. Her parents settled in Beaumont, Texas, where Gadde grew up. She eventually went to Cornell University to study industrial and labor relations. In addition, she later graduated from the New York University School of Law. Vijaya Gadde is an American attorney. She is the former chief legal officer and general counsel at Twitter.

She helped manage harassment, misinformation, and harmful speech during her tenure there. Previously, she served as an associate general counsel at the Silicon Valley start-up Juniper Networks. She became a senior Twitter attorney and the investment group’s founding member.

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Vijaya Gadde’s husband, Ramsey Homsany, is an entrepreneur and tech executive. He is a co-founder of Octant Bio, which improves the discovery of drugs in the health industry. She also performed as a member of the New York Stock Exchange’s Proxy Working Group and the Committee on Corporate Governance.

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Vijaya Gadde was born in India but grew up in Texas. Her father was a chemical engineer who worked in refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. After graduating from high school in New Jersey, Vijaya Gadde attended New York University School of Law.

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Vijaya Gadde has gained prominence in international politics. She joined Twitter in 2011 and is currently a member of the Twitter executive team, and she is the head lawyer for Twitter and has been a member since 2011. She was at the Twitter CEO’s meeting with Donald Trump last year. She is also on the boards of several organizations, including Mercy Corps and Guardant Health.

Education Qualification

Vijaya Gadde is a successful businesswoman. She is married and has two children. Vijaya Gadde is an attorney and internet personality, and she has worked as a general counsel at Twitter. While working at Twitter, she handled misinformation, harassment, and harmful speech issues.

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She has been called one of the most significant women in the technological industry. Her mother is Ramani Gadde, and she has a younger sister, Kavitha Gadde, who studied at Cornell University. Gadde started her career at the Silicon Valley law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

Later, she became a senior director at Juniper Networks’ legal department. She was the head of legal, trust & safety, and public policy.Gadde is known for advocating for users’ rights and freedom of speech.

Net Worth

Vijaya Gadde is an American-Indian attorney. She is considered one of the wealthiest attorneys in the United States. Vijaya Gadde was born in Hyderabad, India, and transferred to the United States at a young age. She graduated from Cornell University and became a lawyer.

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She worked for several law firms and earned over $7 million in her current position. In addition to her salary, she also receives stock awards and bonuses. She has been the chief legal officer of Twitter and chief of policy. Her current role as the Chief Legal Officer at Twitter puts her in a high-profile position. She oversees the legal and policy team as the company’s chief legal officer. She also oversees its security program.

Career and Achievement

Vijaya Gadde received an Industrial and Labor Relations grade from Cornell University. She has a diverse background in law, serving as a member of the New York Stock Exchange’s Proxy Working Group, Committee on Corporate Governance, and Corporate Finance and Audit Committee.

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After gaining experience in Silicon Valley, she joined Juniper Networks. Later, she was promoted to head of legal and then to public policy and trust & safety. As a senior attorney at Twitter, Vijaya Gadde has recreated a crucial role in shaping the company’s policies and procedures. She has helped Twitter through its public offering and has worked on numerous controversial issues.


Vijaya Gadde is an Indian-American lawyer and former executive of Twitter. She studied law and Industrial and Labor Relations at New York University and joined Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati as an associate. She joined Juniper Networks in 2007 as Associate General Counsel and joined Twitter in 2011 as Director of Legal.

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From her love of cooking to her passion for travel, Gadde is a woman with many interests. She was promoted to General Counsel and has served as an angel investor in several companies. Gadde was born in Hyderabad, India, and moved to the United States as a child.

She later went to Cornell University and the NYU School of Law to pursue a legal career. She currently serves on various boards and is close with Twitter. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and traveling.


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