What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers?

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Social media has become an important app in everyone’s day-to-day life. The purpose one uses these platforms can be very different. Some might use the platform for personal reasons, while some might use the platform for professional reasons. Whatever the reason, the platform has become an important part of an individual’s day-to-day life.

Followers are very important on Instagram, and they determine whether you are able to grow over time. The more followers on your Instagram Account relate to the higher engagement you receive and how much the visibility and ranking of your account were able to rise on the platform.

Whether a Business or Social media influencer, both equally are aware of how important Instagram followers are, and everyone on the profiles wants to grow or to promote their business or promote themselves, everyone has a purpose, and a Good Number of Instagram followers are a good way one can start building an online presence.


Benefits of Having Instagram followers

Instagram has been evolving ever since it was launched. It has included many features, and the app has become more compatible with businesses.

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An idea that was started by creating an app for people to share their photos has become a platform widely being used by businesses and individuals to create and build an online presence for themselves. One of these features is followers, which in recent years have become an important parameter for determining how credible a business has been and how credible it’ll be in future.

There are various benefits of having A huge number of followers on Instagram.

Pros of Having huge followers

  • Higher reach
  • A huge number of followers on your profile activates the Instagram algorithm, and very few amounts of content are enough to build more engagement. The engagement rates that your active followers get help build your community. Any business profile intends to be on the explore page of its target audience.

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    A huge number of followers will help your content reach the target audience, which will also improve your rankings and results in the Search tab of Instagram. The higher reach of your account also attracts a large amount of engagement, and it helps your business or content to reach more new people. The probability of this happening to someone is not Zero, though very few profiles might experience this.

  • Bringing more followers
  • the huge amount of followers are curiosity builders among the people who visit your Instagram profile. With more active followers, the curiosity keeps building as the person might want to check what your profile is all about, and they may even follow you.

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    Though you might think this does not sound true if your profile contains highlights or even an Instagram story, an interested person is likelier to watch your stories. Even your Instagram Highlights are available on your profile, as this will give them an idea of what your business or profile is about. The higher number of followers helps in drawing more and more attention from the audience who are visiting your profile.

  • Improved engagement
  • the impressions you receive on the content you have uploaded on your profile which include likes, comments, shares and saved posts, are an important parameter which helps in determining the insights of the business. The Instagram likes and comments show how much your followers like your content.

    The comments section allows you to understand what people like and what they are not, encouraging them to follow you. The share and save feature of Instagram help build an online presence as this action of your followers causes your account to be on the explore feed of people who share similar interests. The Instagram algorithm helps in recommending your profile to them.

  • Revenue
  • One can easily monetize their Instagram accounts for money. You can easily collaborate with brands and endorse their products as an influencer. If you have a good number of followers, you can use this to earn money through Instagram. For businesses to reach more audiences and try to get more leads for their business then, collaborating with influencers is one of the easiest ways, as you do not have to wait for your number of followers to go up.

    Still, with the help of social media stars, you can reach more people. The best way you can earn through collaboration is through having an optimized account that uses a bunch of Instagram features like tagging the brand, mentioning them, Instagram stories and reels with appropriate hashtags and geotags that will help the brand and as well as you.

Buying Instagram Followers

There are many benefits to having Instagram followers, and having a proportionate amount of followers and likes helps your profile reach more of your target audience, which can be beneficial for you to build more of your organic followers.

There are certain tips, which we will discuss later, that will help you build more authentic and organic followers. However, with Instagram being an app for everyone, it has also made it difficult for everyone to gain followers. Businesses and influencers have to work very hard to gain people’s attention. This also has caused high competition among the masses in the same niche.

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In the hustle to gain more followers, people have started to choose easy options like Buying Instagram Followers. This Industry has grown vastly in the current times and rightfully said so. It is an easy and quick way one can go from a few hundred followers to a few thousands of followers in a single night.

This may seem and is portrayed as one of the quickest ways to get higher engagement and reach, but is it true? Does it help the Instagram Algorithm to work in your favour? There are many more questions like this that need to be answered.

Ill Effects of Buying Instagram followers

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While buying Instagram followers may seem like a trend and to follow the trend, people do buy Instagram followers in bulk quantity which helps them give the instant boost that account might need, but what about the long term? How is Buying Instagram Followers affecting your account? Let’s a look at it:

  • Decrease in the number of real Followers
  • Well, when you buy Instagram followers from a website, it surely will increase the number of followers on your profile, but it’s not necessary that they will engage with your account. We simply mean that buying Instagram followers will just increase the number of inactive followers you might have.

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    This means there will be no real engagement with people in your niche, and your number of followers might just appear as a big number. What happens when the number of followers is high, but the engagement you receive is not even proportionate to the number of followers? Then this can cause a lot of problems.

  • Lowers engagement
  • if you are expecting that choosing to purchase Instagram followers will help you build real engagement, but in reality, this is not something that happens.

    Even with claims the website offers real followers, there are times when people have received bots which have spammed their accounts. As an influencer, you must know that collaborating with big brands on social media networks and having an authentic source of followers and comments are a priority.

    What happens if we buy Instagram followers

    A brand will thoroughly check your profile and authenticity to be known as an influencer. With just a great number of followers, you will not be able to make an impact. The number of likes and comments does matter. When they check through your profile to see who is following you, it might be evident that you might have purchased Instagram followers.

    Some basic signs that indicate that you have purchased followers are they have a few followers, and they are following a lot more people, no profile picture and more. This causes the engagement ratio to drop and can even question your profile’s authenticity.

  • Instagram easily identifies fake followers
  • Instagram keeps updating its algorithm to keep the platform safe and secure, trying to identify many fake accounts.

    Can Instagram detect if you buy followers

    Once identified, Instagram tries to get rid of such accounts, which might also cause a sudden decrease in followers. Since 2018, Instagram has become very efficient in identifying and eradicating these fake accounts on the platform as it brings an unpleasant user experience to people who are actively using their platform.

  • Interrupts Organic growth of Followers
  • many Instagram followers have been sold by saying that this helps you grow your organic followers, but this is not true because people can easily identify whether you have purchased your Instagram followers.

    Will Instagram delete my account if I buy followers

    The reason why businesses and creators tend to buy Instagram followers is that they help in improving their social. This just does not attract real followers and brings a halt to your natural growth.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should not consider buying Instagram followers from websites because by doing so, you are not only sabotaging your profile’s authenticity but also keeping your Instagram account at risk of being suspended and banned by Instagram.

Is Buying Instagram followers affecting Instagram Algorithm?

Instagram algorithms are not a simple system. And it’s a system which consists of multiple complex systems combined. The sole purpose of the algorithm design is to make the user spend much more time on the platform and deliver content in the user’s interest. In 2022, Instagram has updated and here are a few of the things you should know:

  • The new Instagram updates have given more preference to personal customization.
  • Suggest content on the basis of preference and engagement.
  • Creators uploading content with watermarks is more likely to lose visibility.
  • Promotion of original based content.

How does Instagram Algorithm work?

Over the past five years, Instagram has constantly been working and modifying its algorithm to provide a better user experience. Five important parameters determine the Instagram Algorithm. These include:

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Like: How many likes do you post? Or how many likes do they usually get?
Comment:the number of comments indicates the time taken by the user to interact with your profile.
Save: what is the probability of your content being saved by an individual.
Time spent: How much time did an Individual spend while engaging with your profile.
Tap on profile: how likely is the user to visit your profile and Interact with you.

Instagram algorithms build up information using past interactions. It helps them understand the audience’s needs and deliver the type of desired content that will keep them engaged on the platform.

The Instagram algorithm is beneficial, and this has attracted many marketers and influencers to use this platform as a medium to build an online presence for themselves or their businesses. Therefore, producing content that will interest your target market will be the most efficient way, which will help you naturally grow on the platform.

With the greater number of followers, the engagement keeps decreasing, and this causes a case of suspicion among the audience. When you purchase Instagram followers, the number of followers you have and the number of likes you receive should be proportionate.

If the number of likes exceeds your followers, this indicates that something is wrong. This can also cost your engagement and the growth you have gained. You can use other organic methods to build your followers, which will help you amplify your account and get more engagement.

How can I increase my Instagram followers naturally?

The only way to legitimately increase your Instagram’s active followers is not by Buying Instagram Followers, but there are other ways to help you. Here we have mentioned some of the best ways in which you can help increase your number of Instagram followers:

  • Posting high-quality and original content
  • with competition at its peak for gaining the audience’s attention, people have been trying to do trendy things. Posting videos that are rich in content with themes, as well as quality and a good caption, is the first step you can take to build an organic following.

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    Uploading content with tags and hashtags makes your post more visible, and people can discover your brand or even you as a creator. The explore feed is one of the quickest to improve your reach, and for that, you have to be consistent and keep uploading great content and interacting with your audience.

  • Advertise your profile
  • when we talk about advertising, we mean commenting on other celebrities’ posts so people can also discover your profile. When you collaborate, both the creators could tag each other and post some content together. This helps in growing followers of both.

    This is one of the most popular ways which people use to build their following. If you have any other platforms, promote your account there too, and if you have a business website, you can use your Instagram account as a portfolio for your work.

  • Giveaways
  • Giveaways are quick to boost your following; many brands often carry out giveaways with their newly launched products and also with products that are quite popular. You can also create hype for the Giveaway, asking people to follow you and tag their friends. This causes you to have a higher engagement, and your account is also more visible and seen by more people. It is yet another way to improve your Instagram followers.

  • Interaction
  • A social media platform like Instagram needs you to interact with your audience or followers. This can be done easily on the platform through Instagram stories, where you can conduct polls, Ask Questions and even do a live session wherein you can interact with your followers.

    There are multiple other ways to keep interacting with your audience, and another short way is to interact with your audience in the comment section.

  • Instagram sponsored ads
  • another great way you can promote your profile is through Instagram paid ads. This makes your profile reach more people. A study suggests that your Instagram followers are more likely to be 1.48 billion people when sponsored.

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    This gives the best opportunity to gain more followers, which is much safer and the fastest way to be visible on Instagram.

  • Optimization
  • using the right keywords, having a simple username, logo or picture as a profile picture, and using hashtags and geotags are the quickest ways which you can use to optimize your profile.

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    Having an informative bio that describes your business or you and what your business stands for, along with any website link or other social media platform link, can also be uploaded on your profile.

  • Follow trends and see what’s trending
  • if you find it difficult to understand what is trending on Instagram, many accounts keep updating the current trends. You can take help from such accounts or even use trending sounds to reach more time. The trends keep changing at a faster pace. Using Instagram analytics will help you in giving insights about your profile and help you grow furthermore.

Is Instagram against Buying Instagram Followers?

Yes, Instagram has been updating its policy and keeps bringing safer and more security updates. Over the past five years, it has been on its main list to get rid of all fake Instagram followers. So buying Instagram followers can not only cause a sudden decrease in the follower count but also cause a shadow ban or even suspension of your profile, as it is against Instagram policy.

What are Active and Inactive followers?

Active followers are the followers that readily engage with your account, and these people interact with your account. Therefore, the active followers heavily influence your Accounts engagement. Likes and comments are one of the ways to measure Engagement; Higher Engagement results in higher visibility of the content on the platform. This causes your profile to reach more people, and your profile becomes more and more visible and causes a higher ranking.

When a user visits your profile after viewing your post, some of them might be interested and may even leave a follow, and some may even become your potential client and make a purchase from your business. This is one of the benefits of having an active follower. But unfortunately, only an interactive audience can do this, and having a large number of followers won’t do anything well.

To conclude,

Instagram has become one of the biggest platforms for marketers and creators. The platform has evolved since it was launched and had constantly been updating its policies and terms of use. Buy Instagram followers may seem like the easiest way to build a huge number of followers in the span of your minutes. Still, it is also putting your Instagram profile at a greater risk of being shadow banned or even suspended for a while, but this is not the only disadvantage buying Instagram followers brings.

There are several other dangers with this step of buying Instagram followers in the cause which include limiting your engagement on the platform. Decreases the number of existing following. Lack of growth decrease incredibility and also can cause authenticity issues.

These are just a few of the disadvantages we have mentioned. One can easily avoid taking the step and build large followers for themselves by using simple steps, which include posting content regularly and Consistently, high-quality videos and photos only to upload using Instagram inside to understand your target audience and what type of content is liked by an audience. It is better to keep interacting with your followers as this has an advantage that it can help in creating your city among the lead another next person who views your profile.

Buying Instagram followers is very much prominent in today’s world, but it is not necessary that it will always give you results. These are promoted by saying they help build engagement and other pros. Everything has its own good and a bad one. Do not overlook the cons that can affect your profile and cause you to lose it and question its authenticity.


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