“What is a woman” has sparked controversy, a movie by Matt Walsh

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Walsh hosts his podcast on the conservative website called the daily wire and is regularly seen speaking against issues of the trans-identifying community. However, the recent controversy seems to be gone bad due to Matt Walsh’s provocative documentary that aired on 1st June on the daily wire.

What is a woman is a film by Matt wash was released in the first week of June, and this 90-minute collection of interviews based on gender identity has garnered a lot of controversies lately.

The movie includes a collection of commentary and interviews on gender identity and has produced acts that are amusing and, at the same time, frustrating to watch. It is a general introduction to finding your gender identity and answers to some of the calm and measured questions asked by wash himself.

However, the question of what a woman is the one that has paved the way for more controversies. Mostly the responders, who are also highly educated people, cannot answer this question which makes Walsh exposes the incoherence of gender experts in a very digestible manner.

Apart from these gender-based questions, Walsh also brings up a few past controversies, including the wi-spa incident in California that caused a confrontation between a transgender male and a store owner. Walsh is seen interviewing this store owner, and in addition, the interview also includes subjects from sports and petty conflicts such as the Virginia conflict that happened over a sexual assault.

However, this interview was a good gateway to understanding what the trans activists have gone through and their side of the story in an unfiltered manner. In addition, what is a woman is another extension which how our life is bubbled in gender-based entities and how we are advocated to live up to that gender-based differentiation.

The questions posed to the responders are simple and have to be uncovered with common sense and logic. Yet, these are the questions that have an organic flow from the beliefs and assertions of the proponents.

For example, logical questions can create reasonable questions if you hear a statement that says a woman can have a penis. Though the question needs to be understandable and gives a niche to understand the entire process of a certain dogma followed by individuals, such questions do not open explanations and engagements but rather pay the way for argumentative discussions built on unnecessary formats.


What is your take on what is a woman

Most reviewers have said that what is the woman has a void which is created due to the absence of a gender-critical site. Though the presence of experts including Carl Trueman, Deborah Soh and Jordan Peterson remarkably makes justice to the questions posed to them.

A big part of gender-critical work still needs to be explored on this subject. The most important factor missing in this 90-minute film is gender itself. The interview looks more engaging for people presenting their views on gender identity; however, it lacks the entire gender entity that puts the gender identity moving forward.
The bottom line of this entire discussion is built on a movement that separates biological sex from the physical gender construction of a person. The entire constructed presentation is more on the physical part and engaging the world to understand that it is not the biological presentation of yourself.

Though some of the experts presented by Walsh explore the differences between the sex of an individual and the gender, they completely neglect the intellectual portions assigned to these differences and do not have a very solid scientific background stated to it.

Though there are a lot of philosophical engagements made, the film still fails to make the public understand the concept of what is a woman. In addition, there is a lot of subjectivity associated with it because the questions are straightforward. Still, their answers are varied and already subjective because they are associated with a trauma or an experience of the responder.

The mental trauma is very much hidden and is masked by the fact that males and females are only seen in the form of physical characters, and no one has a deeper understanding to evaluate why one wants to change the sex.
In the movie what is the woman, subjects such as money and profit are also certainly included.

The concepts of intellectual incoherence and the feeling of victory ice pointed out by Truman and Peterson speak about pleasure and performance or recreation and whether the audience would like it. Still, it loudly speaks about the misogyny and gender entity present.

Though it is important to ask what a woman is, it is a little troublesome to evaluate why you want to be seen as one or why you want to stop being one. People have given mixed reviews or mixed approaches to this entire film. The film begins with a party of fraternal twin pairs wherein the boy dressed in blue receives guns and trucks as his gift, and the girl dressed in pink receives T sets and dolls.

Then, it heads with a monologue by Walsh himself, who says wow, women are so crazy mysterious…….this starting point of the film is quite amusing because we often assign a particular colour to a gender or a particular item to a gender. However, the film does not justify its entry point because the end shot shows his wife asking for help to open a chart off Pickles. Does it mean that a particular gender is always entitled to depend on the other gender? Or does it open arguments.

regarding the physical strength of a male and a female?

The turning point in the end tier film is that it certainly removes the presentation of a female from hostiles or that of a male from himself. For instance, I do not like my long shiny hair, and so to be less girly, I chop off my hair entirely. Or, if my boy does not like to play with bats and balls, give him puberty blockers and stop the process and tile.

In this documentary, you can very well be the speaker using the terms girls and boys or women and men but failing to define any of those terms entirely. Some individuals have done years of research on the lives of trans and believe that the film hasn’t done justice but has created a mockery, and she is not a good choice for the fainthearted.

Here are some key takeaways from the film

Walsh hosts his podcast on the conservative website called the daily wire and is regularly seen speaking against issues of the trans-identifying community.
There is no truth for people who have been brought under gender identity because they are the truth is the only truth.

What is a woman is a question that people cannot say or are afraid to say or don’t know how to answer this question.
Many gender experts fail to answer this question and are frustrated that their beliefs are questioned on air.
Many women can be an identifiable subject, but others do not know how to identify a woman or the expectations entirely related to her.
This documentary also spoke about the disillusion that is present due to a binary system that works since birth, as there are men with vaginas and women with penises.
Through these explanations, we may be able to point out the differences that go on in our society. However, there still needs to be a gender-based explanation to assign certain measures for the answers or the questions posed in the film.

The bottom line!

The short documentary asks for accurate answers in an uncomfortable format.

Firstly, the right to answer what a woman is not a subject that needs to be argued over but rather expressed in the way of expressing one’s true desire. It is not the external characteristics that pave the way for women to act in a certain manner, but at the same time, you can’t take out the attributes given to a woman.


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