When to Replace Your Car’s Tyres?

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Knowing when to replace your car’s tyres is not rocket science. As a matter of fact, you need to look at your tyres with a keen look and make observations. This will help you figure out when your car needs a tyres replacement.

In addition, there are various portions of your car tyres that you need to give attention to in order to understand whether your car requires a tyres replacement or not. Though there might be various questions regarding tyres replacement, like why should you replace your car tyres or when should you replace your car tyres, in this article, we have mentioned some of the ways which will help you know and understand when and why you should get your car’s tyre replaced.

You can always go for professional help if you do not understand and know whether the signs mentioned in the list are because your Tyres need replacement or there are some internal problems in alignment or suspension.


When Should You Replace Your Car’s Tyre?

When Should You Replace Your Car's Tyre

Two common factors impact the health of your tyres, and those are:

  • Tyres Wear:

    Tyres, like any other material, will age, and as they will age, your car tyre will experience wear. One can take the indication for your tyre to wear off into issue regarding alignment with pressure inside the tyre. Wearing off your car tyre has nothing to do with your driving skills. Even if you have excellent driving skills, your car tyre will most likely wear off over time.

  • Age:

    due to changes in the materials and other components used to make the tyre, your tyres will age over time. There are various factors which rule this, and one such important factor is the environment and how often you use your tyres.

How to look for signs that your tyre needs a replacement

To avoid flat tyres, in any situation, it is better to be cautious and know before you have to get abandoned with your flat tyre. Here are some of the signs you need to see for tyre replacement:

  • Fail the penny test

    if your tyre fails the penny test, it indicates that it requires a tyre replacement. So, what exactly is the penny test? The penny test is that you have to place the penny, i.e. the portion on which the Lincoln head is present that should be facing the down in the tread groove. If you see the Lincoln head, your tyre has failed the penny test, requiring a replacement. This happens because, with time, the thread groove wears down, and the head portion is visible to the eye.

    Fail the penny test

  • Cracked sidewalls

    as mentioned, your tyre will age, and the rubber will dry and start to show significant cracks. This can be the reason for the tyre blowout, which can be very dangerous. With the tread groove, the sidewall also wears off with time, and factors like weather and alignment issues enhance cracked sidewalls.

    Replace tires early

  • Noticeable bulges

    Another cause of tyre blowout is the bulges or bubbles that are formed on the sidewalls of your car tyre. If you see any of these, it’s your sign to get your car’s tyre replaced.

    Noticeable bulges

  • Tyre pressure lights are on

    With advances in technology, new cars have a system that monitors your tyre’s pressure, and when your tyres are under-inflated, the light will indicate that your tyre is worn out. Even with the system built, it is important to check manually, and it is a part of your car’s maintenance.

    Why do new car tires wear out so fast

  • While driving, the car shakes:

    Irrespective of what speed your car is moving, and if you notice that your car is shaking while driving, the reason is that the metal strip inside your tyre slips and causes the vibration, and your car shakes, and you need new tyres. If your car shakes only at high speed, then you might have to consult a professional mechanic.

  • Treadwear

    Some tyre brands use tread wear indicators. These wear bars are placed on the rubber squares in the groove ends of your tyres, and these wear bars are useful in telling you when you have to replace your tyres. The wear bars are difficult to notice in the case of new tyres but can easily be seen in old ones.

    Tread on tires when to replace

  • Old tyres

    If your tyres are more than 100 years old, it’s time for you to replace your car tyres. Though many manufacturers claim that the lifetime for some of their tyres is 100 years, it is important to get them replaced before them.

  • Extreme weather conditions

    The environment around you plays a crucial role in how your car tyre changes and responds to the environment. In winters or cold regions, the tyres can be underinflated, whereas, in cold regions, the tyres can be overinflated. Hot roads can cause your tyre to break out and crack more early than usual.

  • Uneven wear on tyres

    If you notice that your tyres are out of alignment or improperly inflated, it’s about time to replace them with new ones. This can also be a sign that something is off with your tyre suspension, and if your tyres are under-inflated, they’ll probably wear out much faster than others.

These are some of the signs you should see and replace your Car’s Tyre.

How long do tyres last on average?

How long do tyres last on average

Though there might be no right answer for this, we can tell that many factors need to be considered that cause the damage to your tyres. This factor includes,

  • Tyre design: depending on the manufacturer, every tyre has a different design built. Some tyres are built to run over 60000 miles, while some run over 50000 miles or less.
  • If you fail to maintain your tyres regularly by missing out, look out for small cracks. Do not neglect to check the health of your tyres while maintaining your car.
  • Potholes, curbs and other objects also affect your car tyres.
  • Climate conditions, whether the weather is too hot or too cold, your tyres might be overinflated or underinflated.
  • Driving at a longer distance at a higher speed for a prolonged time.

Lastly but not least, when it comes to deciding whether to replace tyres, most individuals overlook their spares. People seem to assume that because the spare isn’t used very often, it doesn’t wear out and doesn’t have to be replaced.

However, even spare tyres must be changed after a specific period. Before choosing not to replace the spare, make careful to check the date of manufacture. Check out the DOT Date Code page if you’re unsure how and where to check your tyres’s date.

Don’t neglect to look for signs of age that are obvious. That because a tyre hasn’t been used doesn’t imply it’s immune to fractures or cuts, as well as many other age-related issues like:

Sidewalls with cracks and cuts due to degraded rubber.

  • Loss of elasticity and traction on the road.
  • Structural integrity is compromised.
  • Whether or not such a tyre has been driven, its storage conditions and treatment might affect its longevity.

If you anticipate parking your car for an extended period, cover the tyres from the sun and cold conditions, move the vehicle frequently to avoid flat patches, and even jack your vehicle up safely to avoid harm. If you’re storing spring or summer tyres, ensure they’re kept clean enough to dry away from the sun and other factors. Do not hesitate to take advice from professional if you have to check whether your tyre needs replacement or not.


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