Which Were the Most Trusted Crypto Wallets in 2013?

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You may transmit and receive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum by using crypto wallets, which keep your private keys or the passwords that let you log in to your cryptocurrency safe and readily available. They can be found in a variety of formats, from mobile applications like Coinbase Wallet that make using cryptocurrency as simple as making an internet purchase with a credit card to hardware wallets, including Ledger (which resembles a USB stick).



Trezor hardware wallet was founded in 2013. It allows for storing different currencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether. It has a suite of avant features, like password management and extra-safety features, that are regarded as the strongest. With excellent user-friendliness, Trezor has evolved into the most famous model. As expected with hardware wallets, its cost ($99) makes it worth only for those who own immense amounts of currency.

Trezor hardware wallet

Desktop bitcoin wallets

Desktop wallets are just a type of software wallet that is based on computer software, so you need to run them only on your laptop or desktop. There are varied formats of software wallets. Some of them are invented for only one currency.

Yet, most of the most suitable desktop bitcoin wallets can keep numerous currencies. A few can only be downloaded, while others need a web connection. The most prominent of them are desktop, mobile and online wallets. These are software established on your Personal Computer or laptop that stores your money locally.

Desktop bitcoin wallets

It helps develop and keep private keys and bitcoin addresses and provides a chance to receive and send bitcoin payments. No third-party interfaces are involved. However, it would help if you were cautious. If your computer is hacked, you might fail all your digital acquisitions. That’s why a substantial number of users prefer “cold” storage, which means using computers without access to the internet.

Also, desktop wallets are not so suitable in case if you need to pay on the go. Specifically now, when most users choose mobile resolutions. It is where mobile wallets stand out.

Bitcoin Core

This one is considered to be the most popular bitcoin wallet for desktops. It has an entire pack of features that you might need. The connected core node gives all the authority into your hands through a graphical user interface (GUI). Bitcoin Core makes an excellent balance between entrance and power.

Bitcoin Core


Electrum is easy to use, works at high speed, has robust security, and exceptional stability. These irregularities make it probably the most popular desktop wallet. It has many excellent features, like cold storage opportunities, integration with hardware wallets, joining through Tor, etc. You can smoothly set form invoices, transaction fees, and much more. Electrum is the best bitcoin wallet for Android. However, the interface is complex, so it might not be the best match for beginners.

Electrum Bitcoin wallets


Breadwallet stands out among the other mobile wallets thanks to its smooth implementation. It has a minimum design and doesn’t require additional costs for making transactions. You don’t have to be a bitcoin guru to use it since it’s very user-friendly.


Paper bitcoin wallets

This is another form of cold storage. It is the most straightforward bitcoin wallet. It is just a printed piece of paper that contains a cryptocurrency address and private key that can be accessed with a QR code. It is not connected to the internet, so it’s almost impossible to hack. Not to mention its cost in comparison to other forms of cold storage.

Besides, it is much more challenging to select and operate than software wallets. If you misplace your paper wallet without a backup copy being made, you won’t be able to restore access to your funds. It is not convenient for everyday use.

Mobile bitcoin wallets

Mobile wallets usually look like mobile apps. The primary benefit is that they let you bear bitcoin transactions on the go. However, it is the least protected wallet due to a whole mobile phone security level. There are two formats of budget storage: locally on your phone or by giving them access to your online storage. The first format is as safe as desktop wallets; the second one has almost the same safety level as online wallets.


Copay has gained extreme popularity thanks to the high-security level and ease of use, even for beginners. There are both desktop and mobile versions available. Copay could only accumulate bitcoin. Numerous users can access a single wallet.


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