Who was Roberta Paulsen, and what happened to her?

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In recent times, many events have been recorded in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. With the gruesome spread of the coronavirus, several individuals stepped outside. Their protest is against the limits imposed all across the state.

But, one news catapulted much attention: “Woman trampled by a police horse.” Roberta Paulsen, a lady from Ottawa, sadly died while protesting the COVID limitations. According to sources, she was involved in the protest when she was horse-trampled. The unfortunate news is viral all across the web. However, there’s a twist. Read till the end for all answers.


All you should know about Roberta Paulsen

A group of protestors in Canada also called the “Freedom Convoy,” included this woman. The Ottawa police named these people so. Roberta Paulsen, a native of Ottawa, was a peaceful protestor among them. According to sources, she was of a grandmother’s age. These people are fighting against the covid norms and immunization in Ottawa.

Roberta believed that it was her choice whether to get COVID vaccinations or not. According to the lady, every individual has freedom of choice in this regard. It’s their body. So, the Canadian government cannot impose a health dose without permission from its citizens.

The video that went viral

A recent video shows that the protest has now escalated. However, the same video showed how police horses trampled two protestors. Immediately, many people rushed forward to assist them.

Soon after, the police rushed in with riot rods and equipment. They pushed the protesters back. Also, the Ottawa police instructed them to leave the scene lest the group would be arrested. However, the hot-blooded protesters turned against the police.

Why did the protest begin?

The Freedom Convoy protest began in Ottawa with truck drivers. They were required to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations while crossing the Canada-US border. According to the protestors, it’s their right whether or not to wear a mask and get jabbed. Thousands of Canadians stepped out on the streets and raised a protest, not just a few.

Currently, a video displaying police horses is getting viral on the web. Reports suggest that a police officer on the back of a horse rushed through the protestors’ group. Despite the tortures, people continually demonstrate and demand their right to freedom. They are entirely against the COVID-19 mandates imposed by the Canadian government.

So, coming back to Roberta Paulsen. Two people are getting trampled in this viral video on social media platforms, particularly Twitter. The Ottawa Police officers are ruthlessly rushing with their horses through the crowd of Canadians.

However, the mob rushes to help the victims. Even the videographer tweeted, “Those horses stomped the woman. That lady got completely trampled.”

What happened at the scene?

As mentioned above, the citizens of Ottawa are protesting against the COVID impositions. They hurt a police service horse by hurling a bicycle into its leg. So, these are the updates on the situation through the Ottawa Police Authority. Officers have arrested a suspect in this crime.

Who was Roberta Paulsen

The case above happened four days after the Canadian Prime Minister called for emergency legislation. PM Justin Trudeau took this unprecedented step to end the truck siege.

What happened next?

In the video footage, the officers appear to force the mob back. They are using batons and wearing protective gear. However, the throng members push them back as an act of defense. Then, the officers immediately issue an order for the demonstrators to step back. Further, they threatened arrest.

Who was Roberta Paulsen

One of the police cops said that the protestors had assaultive behavior. The Ottawa Police Department posted something similar on Twitter. Also, they stated that preventing more wounds or escalation was important. Hence, the mounted officers were moved in. A space was created between the line and the protestors.

The police further stated that one of the protestors threw a bicycle at the feet of an officer. It was a hurt attempt. Also, another person was detained for hurting a horse allegedly.

The news outlet contacted the Ottawa Police Department for comments on this matter. According to the spokesperson, no protest was “trampled.”

He further added that one protestor fell, stood up, and walked. So, no one was crushed by those police horses. Freedom Convoy, the gathering of Canadian protestants, was plowed through. The officers attend the protest and the Canadian flag waves in the background. By the evening, around 100 protestants covered the street.

Also, more than two dozen vehicles got towed. The protestors were continually getting pushed out of downtown. Moreover, the police officers claim they’ve created a “protected area.” Here, such illegal protests cannot take place.

“Roberta Paulsen dead.” But wait. Is she?

In the protest, a Canadian citizen, Candy Sero (Roberta Paulsen), was reportedly trampled. Many people also claimed that she passed away on the spot. However, how true is it? Let’s delve deeper.

During the protest, there was a huge crowd on the streets of Ottawa. So, when the horseback officer ran over the lady, nobody exactly understood what happened. Indeed some people rushed to support her. They even carried her to the city hospital.

Roberta Paulsen

While the Canadians started claiming she was dead, her niece revealed relieving news. Candy Sero’s niece Courtney’s husband tweeted that the victim is alive and fine. However, she has a sore shoulder and is recommended for bed rest.

Moreover, she shared a picture of her aunt Candy on Instagram and other platforms. Ottawans are deeply relieved to know she’s alive. Of course, there’s a protest against the carelessness of the police officers. It could have cost Roberta Paulsen’s life.

In the social media picture, Roberta or Candy Sero lies on the hospital bed. She looks fine. Also, many sites claim her to be dead, which isn’t true according to the latest sources.

Josh Cynder, the husband of Courtney, also shared a video of Candy. She is standing among the mob, speaking against the imposed vaccination program.

Roberta Paulsen: A survivor!

Despite Candy’s challenges, she rose to be a survivor. It’s hard to imagine an older woman rushing on the streets of Canada in a protest. Also, Roberta Paulsen or Candy Sero still believe in her rights. She feels it’s her birthright to decide whether to inject an external medicine into her body or not.

Other than her, hundreds of Canadians demand their rights. While the police officers were on duty, their carelessness was worth the attention. On the bright side, hundreds of people are congratulating the lady. They are glad she’s doing fine. Also, these people wish her a speedy recovery on all social media platforms.


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