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Born in 2003, Yasmin Finney is one of the many young, driven, talented women gaining popularity through the power of the internet. Growing up, she has been part of many theater and production groups, which has groomed her into a professional actor.

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In fact, she has been part of the prestigious Sackville Theater of the University of Manchester. Having worked hard over her years at the university and beyond, Yasmin Finney’s first biggest break was in the TV series Heartstopper, where she was applauded for her phenomenal acting performance. She has made her way to GLAAD’s second annual 20 Under 20 list, which brought her into the public eye in a more glamorous way.


Yasmin Finney used TikTok as a platform to build an audience, or rather, a community of her own. The large user base of Tik Tok helped her find people that relate to her or look up to her. Through her impressive way of storytelling on Tik Tok, she grew on the platform exponentially. She shared her experiences of being a Black, British, and transgender to not only uplift her community but also represent it proudly.

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After that, Yasmin Kinney was cast in one of Billy Porter’s films called ‘What If,’ where she played the role of Kelsa. However, she was replaced with Eva Reign as Yasmin failed to get her USA work visa owing to travel restrictions at the time when coronavirus was at its peak. Irrespective, Yasmin had won the hearts of an entire generation, which is why she was once again cast in the series Heartstopper as Elle Argent, which was aired on Netflix. This was her biggest work so far, for which she was appreciated worldwide.

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As mentioned previously, Yasmin Kinney has built an extraordinary community across social media platforms of like-minded people who relate to her as well as aspire to become like her. She has over 1.1M followers on Instagram and over 15M followers on Tik Tok. Considering her huge follower count, brands tend to reach out to her for paid collaborations. That, when coupled with her acting career, builds up to a network of over $200,000.

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She was borning back in 2003, on 30th August. She was born and brought up in Manchester, England. Yasmin Kinney is 5′ 11″ and has black shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. She is an African-American but, having grown up in Britain, naturally developed a British accent.

She is known for her content on TikTok, where she has become a strong voice for her community. She has built a massive fanbase and developed an international appeal through her content. Her ground-breaking videos on Tik Tok are well received by not just her followers but also other celebrities. This is how she has earned recognition in the industry and was cast for TV shows and films produced by some amazing filmmakers.

Her life has not been a cakewalk. She has struggled with her identity for years, and being accepted by society for that is nothing less of a challenge. Regardless, Yasmin marched her way to the top and never looked back. She took a stand for her community wherever and whenever needed and represented it quite gracefully.

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Preferred Pronouns (if any):
Yasmin Kinney’s gender orientation is a Transgender woman whose sexual orientation is unknown. Her preferred pronouns are She/Her. She is one of the important voices of the LGBTQ community, for which not only does she stand her ground but also spreads awareness about and fights for acceptance and equal treatment.


As of 2022, Yasmin Kinney is 18 years old. Her birthdate is 30th August 2003, and her birth sign is Virgo.


Yasmin Kinney is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

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Yasmin Kinney has not revealed her father’s name so far. Nevertheless, Mr. Kinney is found to be a businessman.


She was born in a family of business persons. Her mother’s name is Tracey Finney, and her father’s name is not available as yet. The family belongs to an Afro-British community as they are essentially Afro-Americans but have spent their lives in Manchester, England.


Yasmin Kinney has made it very clear that she identifies herself as a Transgender Female. However, she has not spoken about her previous or present relationships anywhere as of now.

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She has several hobbies, to which she tries to give as much time as possible. Some of her hobbies include singing, dancing, and modeling. She is quite a sporty and adventurous person, as she enjoys trekking and cycling. Other than that, her hobbies are also painting, photography and reading.

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Yasmin Finney went to a local high school, after which she went to the University of Manchester.


  • Along with being an actor and an influencer, Yasmin Kinney is also a model and has professionally collaborated with several brands.
  • Because of her excellent debut in the film Heartstopper, released on Netflix, she holds the title of a Heartstopper too.
  • Yasmin loves animals and is dedicated to protecting them and treating them well. She also has two pets, a dog and a cat.
  • Her favorite cousin includes Italian, Chinese, and Mexican, and she shares an immense love for these cultures as well.
  • Yasmin Kinney has collaborated with several high-end fashion and sports brands.
  • Initially, she doubted herself, thinking she wouldn’t be able to be successful in the entertainment industry.
  • She is highly inspired by her mother, not just because she has always supported Yasmin but also because she is a strong-headed individual.


Does Yasmin Kinney have kids?
No, Yasmin Kinney does not have children.

What is Yasmin Kinney’s birthplace?
Yasmin Kinney was born in Manchester, England.

How much does Yasmin Kinney weigh?
Yasmin Kinney’s weight is approximately 58 kg.

From which theatres has Yasmin Kinney trained?
She has trained at The Sackville Theatre, The Royal Exchange Theatre, and The Waterside Theatre.

Which dance styles does Yasmin Kinney know of?
She is well-versed in a wide range of dance styles, such as Ballroom, Hip Hop, Club, Salsa, Tango, and even Robot.

What is Yasmin Kinney’s nationality?
She is British.

Who represents Yasmin Kinney?
Curtis Brown represents her.

What is Yasmin Kinney’s ethnicity?
She is Anglo-African.

Which accents does Yasmin Kinney speak in?
She has a British and Southern accent.

What type of content does Yasmin Kinney post?
She majorly talks about fashion, lifestyle, travel, adventure, and of course, her life journey, lessons, learnings, and experiences.


In a nutshell, being a black, transgender woman had seemed a bit daunting to Yasmin. However, over the years, as she realized the power she carries with her identity, she became more open about it and eventually evolved into a strong representation of her community. Her love and encouragement towards the LGBTQ+ community and her drive to be bigger than life are what led her to receive great opportunities and even be rewarded for them. She continues to be an inspiration for many young men and women to accept and open up about their identity and be proud of it. Her love, talent, and passion made her the ultimate “heartstopper.”


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