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Zahrah Khan is one of India’s newest Playback singers. Though she started her career as an actress later, she discovered she was really into singing and began her career in the Indian film industry as a playback singer. Even though she was born in London in 1992, she has not forgotten her culture.

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Her Debut in Bollywood began with Yash Raj Productions, which is one of the most prestigious production houses in India; later, she played the role of Playback singer and sang songs in movies like Aurangzeb, which also starred Arjun Kapoor, Shubh Mangal Zayda Saavdhan and Bell Bottom are a few of the movies.


Initially, Zahrah Khan, her stage name also known as Sarah Khan, had the intention of becoming an Actress, and she did give a try her acting career. In 2017, she made her debut as an actress in Bollywood through the film Aurangzeb which starred Arjun Kapoor and was produced by one of the biggest production houses in India, Yash Raj Films. The movie focuses on how much a man can do to achieve power, and only the one who is fit can survive till the end. Sarah played the role of Ritu. Zahrah Khan, also for the same movie, sang the song “Barbadiyan.”

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Two years later, in 2019, she found herself developing a fondness for singing as she was once singing one of the songs which her mom had sung, she received many compliments that night, later she wanted to achieve and reach to group people through her singing, and she started recording one of the songs with her friends who are also composers, later she caught the attention of Tanishk Bagchi.

He is a music director and offered a deal to sing for him. She has now recorded songs like Lehenga for the movie Satyamev Jayate 2 starring John Abraham and Akshay Kumar Starrer Bell Bottom.She is also working on many new singing projects, including working with all the big names in the industry like Nikhil Advani for his new Amazon Prime TV show, T-Series and more.

Net worth

Born and raised in London, Zahrah Khan has not forgotten her roots and is India’s rising star. She has a golden voice like her mother, unique yet resonating.

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Zahrah appreciates her talents and works very hard to achieve her Endeavors of becoming a singer. She has Constantly been working hard with her mom and taking her help to improve her singing skill.


Zahrah Khan is the daughter of the famous squash player Rehmat Khan and her mother, a Bollywood playback singer back in the day Salma Agha Khan. Zahrah Khan had been raised and brought up in London by her parents; she started pursuing acting in 2013 through the movie Aurangzeb.

Though she wasn’t very fond of acting, she later discovered her skills and liking for singing and now works as a Playback singer in Bollywood.

Preferred pronouns, if any

Zahrah Khan, the new rising star of Bollywood, has been praised for her singing and has many projects going on, which she is excited to share with her fans. Though she has not mentioned her pronouns anywhere, from her dating history, it is known that she prefers the Pronoun She/ Her.


Zahrah Khan is an Indian Playback singer who was born in the year 1992. She is the daughter of the Indian Playback singer Salma Agha and Squash Sports Star Rehmat Khan. Zahrah Khan debuted as an actress eventually developed a liking for singing, and figured out what she was good at. The actress was born in London as well as grew up in London. She is 31 years old as of 2022.


Zahrah Agha Khan is 5 feet six inches tall, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. The actress is very eye captivating.

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Rehmat Khan is one of the top squash players for Pakistan. He was born in Pakistan in 1953, and as of 2022, Rehmat Khan is 68 years old. He also trained for Pakistan with Jahangir Khan.

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In the international circuits in the late 70s, Rehmat Khan was one of the leading squash players, ranking 12 in the world. Rahamat Khan has been responsible for training many world-star squash players like Siddharth Suchde, Jahangir Khan, Dale Styner, Sami Elopuro and many more.


Salma Agha Khan is an actress who works in the Pakistani and Indian Film industries. Hopeful in the Indian Film industry was the Film Titled Nikaah, released in 1992, and she sang a few of the songs for the movie.

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Salma Agha Khan was Nominated for Filmfare awards for best singer and actress in 1982. Zahrah Khan has a few siblings, sisters Natasha and Suraiya Khan and Brothers Ali Agha Khan and Tariq Khan.


Zahrah Khan previously had been dating Ruslaan Mumtaaz. However, the pair broke up due to some controversies created by an MMS video of her kissing another guy. This caused many disputes, and the pair decided to part ways.


Zahrah Khan’s interest in hobbies is not known yet. She seems very likely to be a fan of reading and loves hanging out with friends.

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The actress has completed her schooling at Janki Devi Public School and the Dubai American Scientific School.

Though it’s not known which college she went to complete her graduation, many reports suggest she is a graduate.


zahrah s khan songs

  • Zahrah Khan is an Indian Actress and a playback singer with British roots.
  • She was born in London in 1992.
  • Her Mother is Salma Agha Khan, a famous singer and actress back in the day.
  • Her Father, Rehmat Khan, is one of the top-class squash players from Pakistan.
  • She was nominated for Zee Cine Awards in 2014 for the category of best debut female.
  • She is related to Prithvi Raj Kapoor, and he is her Great Grandfather.
  • She is a Vegan.


Who is Zahrah Agha Khan?

Zahrah Agha Khan is an Indian Playback singer born in London in 1992. She started her career as an actress, and her debut film was Aurangzeb which starred Arjun Kapoor. However, in 2019, she discovered herself developing a fondness for singing and started pursuing her career as a singer.

Who are Zahrah Khan’s parents?

Zahrah Khan is the daughter of Salma Khan, who is a British-born Indian-Pakistani Actress and also a playback singer. Her mother is a Filmare nominated actress and singer for her role in her debut Indian film Nikaah, released in 1982. Her father, Rehmat Khan, is among one the top squash players of all time. With a world ranking of 12, he was undefeated and has trained many squash stars like Jahangir Khan, Dale Styner and many more.

How many siblings does Zahrah have?

Zahrah has four siblings, two sisters and two brothers. Sisters Natasha and Suraiya Khan, brothers Ali and Tariq Khan.

How old is Zahrah Khan?

The actress was born in London in 1992, on January 1. She is 30 years old as of 2022. The actress went to Janki Devi Public School and Dubai scientific American school. She was raised in London and later started working in the Indian Film industry.


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