Who is Zuby? Biography, Net Worth, Father, Wife, Kid, Family, Age, Height, and More

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Many might know him by his rap name Zuby, but his birth name is Nzube Oliesaebuka Udezue. He is a well-known British rapper. He was born in Luton, England, which is a small town on the southeastern coast of the United Kingdom.

Despite being born in England, he was raised in Saudi Arabia and received his education from the Oxford Board. Despite his professional journey as a rapper, he is well-known for the use of motivational lyrics in his songs and his charismatic personality.

Zuby Wiki

He is also famous for his energetic and lively performances globally, especially in European and Middle Eastern countries and parts of the African continent.

He has become one of the most influential voices globally. In addition, his rapping skills have been discovered around the globe with his growing social media accounts.


Zuby has over 15+ million views online on his video and millions of fan followers globally. In addition, he has appeared on multiple high-profile Television shows like “The Ben Shapiro Show,” “The Joe Rogan Experience,” “The Candace Owen Show,” and more.

He has also been featured on popular news channels like the B.B.C., Fox News, R.T., and Sky News.

Zuby Career

Zuby is not only a rapper but professionally has multiple skills. He is a musician, author, life coach, motivational speaker, fitness expert, and more. The title of his debut album is “Commercial Underground,” which he released while in college.

His popularity started growing with his first music video Steppin’ 2 Me, and gained traction over it. Additionally, his songs gained popularity and hit the top 12 HipHop numbers on iTunes. Since then, he has released multiple albums and records under the C.O.M. Entertainment label.

Net worth

Zuby is a successful artist and a businessman who sold his merchandise successfully, which was a major hit. While his primary source of income is his record deals and music videos, he also has a diversified income source. He holds liquid assets and has other sources of income, such as collaborations and revenue from music videos. Apart from this, his Yeezy sneakers collection and merchandise made him earn huge profits.

Zuby Net worth

As of 2021, he has a net worth of a whopping five million dollars or around 4 million pounds. There are no details about the cars he owns and the properties he has purchased. He shares his inheritance from his parents with four of his siblings. Therefore, his net worth can be more than five million dollars as his inheritance and his own earnings can make a huge difference in this sum.


Describing Zuby only as a rapper does not do justice to his talents and skills. He is an entrepreneur, life coach, motivational speaker, and author. He has performed more than a hundred gigs in 8 different countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. His records have sold more than 30K independent copies globally. Zuby’s fan base continues to grow due to his positive personality.

Zub has time and again proven that raps can have amusing cerebral lyrics. Apart from this, his unique accent has made him excel in his career as a rap artist in the U.K. His fans agree on this and often ask how Zuby has an American accent despite being born in the U.K.

Preferred pronouns, if any

Zuby identifies himself to be straight and interested in women. The preferred pronouns for Zuby are He/Him, which supports the LGBTQ community. However, he believes that allowing transgender women to play in women’s sports is a flaw in the system.


Zuby was born in Bedfordshire, England, on 19th August 1986. Therefore, as of 2022, Zuby is 35 years old. He usually has a tradition of live-streaming on his birthday.

Zuby Age and Height


Zuby’s ethnic background has gifted him with a good height. He is above-average height and is 180 cm/ 5 ft 11 inches tall. His body measurements are currently unknown.


Ruby’s father was a notable individual in society. His father is a doctor by profession and part of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Zuby with her Father


Zuby’s parents hold notable professions in society. His father is a doctor, whereas his mother is a journalist. Zuby is blessed with four siblings (two brothers and two sisters). His parents moved to Saudi Arabia when Zuby was a year old. He then completed his education in an international school in Saudi Arabia. Zuby’s family follows Christianity and comes from a good background. He is a distant cousin of the deceased Nigerian rapper Biglo whose real name is Lotanna Udezue.

Zuby Family


The details of Zuby’s love life are unknown. However, he is known to have been in a serious relationship, leading to a breakup. He is unmarried, and his relationship status is unknown to the masses.


Despite gaining a first-class honors bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Zuby loves music, especially hip-hop music. He loves dancing, gyming, and playing instruments like Piano and Trombone in his free time. His profession is based on his music skills and his hobby, which he loves more than anything.

Zuby Hobbies


Zuby completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. Despite his majors, he clearly showed a caliber in music and growth as a professional artist. His popularity began growing while being a student at the university. He has also shown interest in conducting business by opening a new line of his successful merchandise collection.


  • Zuby has a unique accent since he didn’t grow up in the U.K. He identifies as an asset, making him stand out from other British Rappers.
  • Zuby has two brothers and two sisters.
  • Zuby comes from a Christian Background.
  • He plays two musical instruments viz. Piano and Trombone.
  • Zuby lived for two decades in Saudi Arabia along with his family.
  • Zuby is 34 years old and will turn 35 later this year.
  • Zuby was born in Luton, England.
  • Zuby is yet to meet the Queen of England.
  • Zuby advocates mental illness and encourages his followers to be open about them.


Is Zuby’s distant cousin a rapper?

Yes, Zuby’s distant cousin in Nigeria, who is famously known as Big, was a rapper in Nigeria but is now deceased.

When did Zuby move to Saudi Arabia?

Zuby and his parents moved to Saudi Arabia when he was one year old. After that, he would make intermittent trips back to England until he started completing his graduation full-time at Oxford.

Why does Zuby have a unique accent?

Despite being born in the UK, Zuby kept moving between Saudi Arabia and England, which diluted his British accent and made him acquire a unique accent. This is one of the aspects that has made him stand out from other British rappers.

Is Zuby’s father a doctor?

Yes, Zuby’s father is a doctor and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine. He was successful in his profession; however, the details of his life in Saudi Arabia are still unknown.

Did Zuby complete his graduation?

Zuby completed his graduation at St. Edmund Hall with a first-class honors degree in Computer Science.

What is Zuby’s star sign?

Zuby’s star sign is Leo, which has Lion as its representative.

What is the title of Zuby’s first album?

Commercial Underground is the title of Zuby’s first album and triggered Is popularity among the masses.

Is Zuby currently living in Saudi Arabia?

No, Zuby is currently on tours and resides in the U.K. However, the details of his property are yet unknown.


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